Ossotech is proudly associated with the Safarmex Group of companies whose roots are firmly placed on the African continent. Through the 28 Years of experience garnered by Safarmex on the continent, Ossotech understands the practical issues facing our clients and has developed an offering and ethos to address these challenges in the most accessible and practical way without losing sight of positive patient outcomes.

Quality, functionality and service – this is our Commitment to Care for experts Committed to Care. Ossotech has a range of functional products, services and programs specifically designed and configured in conjunction with surgeons facing the unique challenges of the African continent. This differentiates Ossotech from all other orthopaedic offerings.

Highly functional products with bespoke innovative solutions and add-ons resulting in a sustainable and reliable product offering.

Partnering with Africa since 1990



Our mission is to provide sustainable and flexible solutions to the African market with our reliable and innovative products.


Ossotech provides an innovative service that is flexible in fulfilling all requirements.


Ossotech and all our subsidiaries are committed to our customers and most importantly committed to their patients.


Although Africa is one continent, the markets differ substantially and it’s these differences and nuances that require the flexibility of adaption that Ossotech provides.


One Patient. One Surgical Intervention. Ossotech is committed to care, committed to the Surgeon.

College of Surgeons of East, Central & Southern Africa


Ossotech has been a keen contributor and supporter of the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa – COSECSA and used the platform to for its launch. This year COSECSA is proudly hosted by the Rwanda Surgical Society in Kigali, Rwanda in conjunction with the Government of Rwanda’s Ministry of Health supported by the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, RSCI. It is with great pride that Ossotech once again sponsors the COSECSA 2018 AGM and wishes to be the first to welcome the future of African healthcare.

We believe in building strategic partnerships throughout Africa in order to increase our brand awareness and show people how our products are changing the face of the African market. Here are a few of our partners heading into the COSECSA event: